A little about me…


Passionate and rather inquisitive by nature, I maintain a healthy curiosity about the world around me yet growing ever more wary of the ticking clock that sounds the inevitable fate of my waning youth; thus, I face my inescapable mortality with a fierce determination to achieve my dreams.

Intrigued by sea and isolated places, I find solace in the silent corners of our vast planet; my dream is to travel off the beaten track to encounter the far and fascinating tribes of Africa, South America and everywhere in-between.




With the innocence of a fledgling and the spirit of a gypsy, I’ve always imagined a life of open roads and suitcases, chasing memories of a forgotten Earth with notebook and pen at hand.

I love writing and red wine – perhaps the only things keeping me sane as my late twenties sound their inevitable approach.

Joy Kitheka (Author & Creative Director at TribalCalling.com)

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